Always Take The Scenic Route!


I know some people will disagree and say its "cheating" but sometimes I just need to make a quick, or different card for someone and I will often turn to a kit or the Memories and More cards. This card was for a cycling friend of my husbands, I needed to make the card quickly and with a cycling theme!!!

I had the papers but didn't;t really have time for inking uo stamps etc so I let hubby look through the Memories or More cards and he picked this sentient. All I need to do was cut it out, layer it up and stick it on the DSP- 5 mins and done!!! I also find I like the variety of having cards like these without committing to a stamp set that I might not use that much!

Do you think something this simple is "cheating" or is it just a different way of being creative?

Links to all the products I've used can be found at the bottom of this post,

Rebecca a x

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