Thanks for that thing you did!

Hello, happy Saturday!

We are out today at Eureka! the science museum for kids in Yorkshire, I hope Tom enjoys it- we are meeting up with his Uncle, Auntie and cousin.

Todays card is a simple and quick one layer card- that means it is completely flat, not a single embellishment, layer or foam adhesive!!!!

To achieve this layout I started with a sentiment, I picked one that was going to fill the space inside the middle of the frame- you could always turn the card sideways if you had a longer sentiment. 

Once I'd stamped the sentiment in grey ink I started adding the leaves from the Tropical Chic set. I used two different colours of ink and tried to keep the frame more-or-less symmetrical.

Simples! A very easy card to make on mass if you needed to batch make for an occasion. (I ALWAYS need thank you cards.....)

Thanks for stopping by today, 

Rebecca x

p.s. ons't forget these two offers!!

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