Inlaid die-cutting technique!


Happy Thursday! I thought I'd share a technique with you, I was wondering if people would like to see more posts like this? (let me know in the comments).

This cards looks super effective, but is intact really simple- just a bit fiddly! 

You need a large but intricate die for this technique, I've used this butterfly from the Springtime Impressions set.

To start with cut the die out of your base card, in the position that you'd like your final design (In this case I cut out the butterfly from the Whisper White card, I kept the die cut for a future project.)

Next cut the die out of another colour,- I used black to make it look quite dramatic, this will be your "outline".

Then cut the die out of other coloured of card, use as many or as few as you'd like- here I've used 3 similar colours of blue- with these die cuts it is VERY important that you keep all the die cut pieces within your outline shape.

Now, apply a sheet of adhesive (or strips of something like adhesive tape) to the reverse side of your die cut card base- behind the die cut shape.

Apply your main outline image (In this case my black die cut) into the die cut aperture on the card and on top of the adhesive.

Finally, use a piercing tool or similar to pick up the "waste" die cut pieces form the other colours and stick them inside the "black outline" until all of the holes are filled and there is no more adhesive showing.

Would you like to see a video of his technique or some step-by-stemp photos? If so just leave me a message and I'll se what I can do.

p.s. If you were to purchases the Springtime Impressions die set, some adhesive sheets, the paper piercing tool and some Whisper White cards and envelopes you'd get a FREE voucher worth £4.50 to spend on anything you'd like in September!!!

Thanks for stopping by, 

Rebecca x 

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