AMAZING new stamp cleaning simple shammy!


I don't have a card to share today but instead I wanted to tell you about the new Simply Shammy from SU. It's designed for cleaning stamps instead of baby wipes etc. I can honestly say its so brilliant, normally one wipe completely cleans and stamps and it doesn't leave any residue/fibres etc.

The shammy itself it just rinsed after use and left to dry- ready for next time.

It costs £7.50, but I'm sure it'll last a very long time and will save you a fortune in baby wipes!! (It does stain with some inks but that doesn't affects its performance). It measure 5" x 7" (12.7 x 17.8 cm) size it fits neatly in a stamp case, which you can purchase separately. 

Would you like to see a video of it in action? I could try and film one.

For now, ta-ta, 

Rebecca x x 

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