Hello, is there anybody there?

Hi..... it's me. Rebecca, how are you been? Is there anyone still reading my blog???

Gosh it's been a long time since I've blogged about anything, so I suppose I better do a quick catch up incase anyone is interested.

Back in the summer of 2015 my husband and I went through IVF, not something I would wish on anyone. Looking back it was horrendous, and whist it was successful initially or journey ended with miscarriage. I was in a very dark place that summer, coming to terms with the idea of not being a mum. We had a frozen embryo left at the clinic but after what happened I wasn't optimistic or for that matter even sure if we could go through it all again.

Fast forward to spring of 2016, we had just embarked on a massive project of building our own house! EEEEEeeeeekkkkk...... and then found out i was pregnant, surprise!!!!! Double eeeeeeekkkkkkk.

I'd love to say the pregnancy and birth was a dream but it wasn't, I had quite a few complications and hospital stays and then Thomas arrived 6 weeks early via emergency cesarian weighing only 3lb7oz.

The first few months were hard, really hard, he was so tiny and had problems with reflux amongst other things. BUT here we are just coming round to him being (nearly) 8 months old. He's grown fantastically well and spends his days chattering away to us, attempting to crawl backwards and smiling......oh and we are just about ready to move in to that new house too!

So, a busy couple of years has really meant crafting has been the last thing I've had the time or inclination to do, however looking into the future I think I might want to slowly get back on the horse. I'm going to have a crafty area in the new house and I'm hoping to squeeze in the odd card making session when Tom is napping....... maybe even post few pictures again!

I do hope there is someone left reading my old blogaroo..... and to finish. A couple of pictures of Tom....of course.

Rebecca x


Awwwwwww...Thomas is adorable!
Michelle Short
Lovely to see your post, Rebecca. I'm sorry to hear what you have been through but so happy that you now have Tom with you :) He is so cute!
Suman Pandit
Oh Rebecca, congratulations, he is so cute !! that smile makes all the struggle so worth while...best wishes !!
Aww....he is adorable!! :)
Things may have been rough at first, though I'm glad to hear things are going well now...enjoy your new hone and take care. Hugs
Congratulations. Your story is so much like what me & my hubby have been through but sadly we have still not been blessed & i can not go through the IVF again so I am still trying to come to terms with everything. It is so nice to read stories like yours as it give me hope xx
Tracey T
How lovely to see you back here and with such wonderful news! One of my colleagues has just gone on maternity leave, expecting twins any day now, after years of IVF. I know what she went through and my heart goes out to you. Now here you are with a truly beautiful little boy. I'm delighted for you and wish you and your family lots and lots of happiness to come. Hope you'll get back to crafting when life settles down for you - I don't expect that you will have lost your amazing creative talent. Sending a big hug, Tracey xx
Missy Pink
So lovely to have a update on the progress of your adorable little baby boy, he's a little cracker..so cute too. After hearing what you have gone through, it couldn't of been easy and very hard to cope with, but glad to hear things turned out well in the end and having your handsome little boy. Hugs to you and the little one. XX
Rebecca Hoy
Thank you Michelle, I'm happy to be out of the other side of it all! So grateful for how things have turned out x
Rebecca Hoy
He is VERY smily, make your heart melt!
Rebecca Hoy
Yes, things were pretty tough to start with but we are definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!
lavina agarwal
He is such a cutie pie... Being myself a mum of a 28 week born premie I can understand what have gone thru.. But as they say tough times come to make us tougher!
Rebecca Hoy
Thank you for your kind comments, I know how lucky we are and wish you all the luck in the world- Thomas came from nowhere, a real miracle baby! x
Rebecca Hoy
Awwwwwww, thank you, its an awful process but can produce some amazing results. I'm 99% certain our pregnancy/miscarriage was what triggered my body into accepting a natural pregnancy
Rebecca Hoy
Yes, its pretty tough when they arrive early- you feel a bit cheated out of pregnancy and birth! But thankfully he's doing really well now, we are so lucky x
He is adorable little baby !
Sazzle Dazzle
So thrilled to see you've found your blog again and love hearing your news! Can't wait to see what you create when you get a little time and ask the best in the new home! Hugs and well done xx
Jane Willis
Lovely to see you back and with such a gorgeous little man to show us - congratulations, I bet every time you see that beautiful smile you realise everything you've been through was worth it.
Wow! You have been through so much and Tom is so beautiful. So glad your story has a happy ending. Glad to know you're back and will be interested in how life moves forward for you and your family. Enjoy your day!
Hi Rebeca
Nice to see you back ... lot has happened to you... your baby is gorgeous... take care
Sylvie xx
Looks like all the pain and trouble was worth it in the end. He is adorable. Look forward to you returning to crafting.
Oh I love a happy ending and you certainly deserve one in your beautiful baby boy
Still hanging in here! Lovely to read your post - not your difficulties but the wonderful birth of your son after some trying times! Congratulations x
Just 'happened' upon your blog; what a beautiful story. I also have a IVF success; she's 18 yrs in a couple of months! May you enjoy many blessings every day!
Just checked back, Congratulations! sad to hear that your journey was so hard but happy to hear things are coming together :)
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