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Hello, sorry I've not posted for a few days but I've been REALLY busy with school (coursework and revision classes) and what little spare time I've had I've been finishing of my Newphew Ethan's birthday present and preparing for my first ever craft fair!! More about Ethan's present in a minute. As for the Craft fair it's in Blackpool next Sinday the 5th (at the Solaris centre, South shore if anyone is in the area). It's the first time I've ever tried selling my card and handmade bits but as the stall was only £10 I thought I'd give it a go. I'm pretty sorted with cards, a few paper-decorated bits and bobs like notebooks etc but not really sure what to charge for any of my cards- suggestions more than welcome. 

So onto Ethan's quiet book- I spotted quiet books on Pintrest a while ago and decided over Easter to make my my nephew (and God-son) one for his second birthday. I also used quite a few templates and ideas from this website too. Little did I know that it would take in total about 40 hours of loving dedication to finish- but we took it round for him today and despite being very tired after his birthday party he seemed to really like it. As there are quite a few pages for the book I've decided to share it over several posts starting today with the cover and the lion page. 

All the pages have been created with felt and bits and bobs I had in my craft room. The lion seen here was made from lengths of ribbons too. The idea of this page was just to be bright and colourful swell as being touchy-feely!

Thanks for dropping by, I'll be back tomorrow with a Craft Mojo DT card (p.s. Sally s offering 20% off everything in the shop at the moment!)

Rebecca x


Dotty Jo
What a gorgeous book - well done Auntie! Good luck with the craft fayre. I did one or two several years ago but always found that customers wanted to pay very little for cards that had taken ages to make. I do have one sneaky suggestion which did seem to work and that is to have a half-price box. Whether the cards in that box really are half price is up to you... but it worked for me! ;) Jo x
A fabulous creation, love it!
Helen x
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