Sometimes things just don't work out....

Hello, so today I thought I'd share I card that really didn't work out that well. I've had lots of people commenting on my blog candy post and I really appreciate all your feedback, both positive and constructive. Lots of people have said they'd love to know where I get my inspiration from, which I'm going to cover in another post, but first I though I'd share with you one of the MANY cards that don't usually get posted and instead get recycled. 

As you can see there isn't really anything fundamentally wrong with it- no smudges or wonky cutting but somehow it just turned out ugly!

Just goes to show that not every creative venture is a successful and rememebr practice makes perfect.

Rebecca x


Sazzle Dazzle
Thanks for being gutsy and revealing your 'not so good'card... So brave. I still think it's very pretty but I guess when compared to your usual outstanding posts it's just missing something. Good to know we all have blips and not just me! Lol xx
I think it's the rectangle the sentiment is stamped on that kills it, because I love the little stars and the colours ;) Very brave to show your mistakes here!
I quite like this card Rebecca, but it is very 'basic' for you....I'm afraid I usually still post my rubbish cards lol...I just don't admit they are! :/
Lizy xx
Awww this is such an adorable card :) love the glitter and the little stars
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