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Hello, I'm delighted that my little old blog has reached 200 followers and to celebrate I thought I'd have a little giveaway with a twist!

I love sending out a little gift to my followers just to say thank you for your continued support and lovely comments but I'd also like to know what next? How could I improve my blog and posts.... I've been blogging almost two years and I don't want you or me to get bored with what I'd doing. In teaching we ask pupils to give each other feedback using "www- what went well" or "2 stars and a wish" ie two postives and one thing that could be improved.

So it's simple really...... leave a comment suggesting how I can improve things and I'll pick a winner from all the names. (I'll also try to act on your feedback!)

Details- 4 craftwork card stencils (owl, cupcake, tags, flowers), Memento ink, Forever Friends stamps, buttons, American Crafts ribbon x2, adhesive pearls, owl stickers, embossed holly frames, twine, tags, chipboard, sticker.

If you'd like to be in with a chance please leave your comments below and I'll draw a winner next month.


Rebecca x x x


Dotty Jo
Goodness Rebecca, I love visiting your blog and think its pretty much perfect! I guess it might be interesting to hear about where you get your inspiration and what trends you follow - or don't. How much of your inspiration comes from a graphic design angle? Perhaps the odd tutorial? But thats very time consumming so if you do add things make sure they don't take over! I only say this because I did 2 stars and a wish with the kids at school before the break in connection with the library and their wishes got bigger and crazier as the session progressed. Thanks for sharing your beautiful cards, Jo x
Suman Pandit
Hi Rebecca, I have been following you for some time and I really like your clean and kinda minimalistic design sense. I like that you use embellishments sparsely and do not feel pressurised to over-embellish.
My personal view is that you should go by what you are comfortable doing and not disturb your own unique style!! There!! I have given you my honest opinion, hope you would share your thoughts with me on this.
ellyscard creatief
I love your work ,so dont change.
I am agreed with Rebecca.
Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful candy.
Gr Elly

PS I have a candy on my blog

Sazzle Dazzle
Hi Rebecca, I'm new to blogging myself and can't imagine getting to 200 followers but you certainly deserve it. I've been following you for about 12 months and having come to blogland with very little appreciation for clean and simple style but it's fast becoming my favourite style. Your cards are always unique, clear and beautiful. I'd love to know where you get your inspiration from. Your blog is perfect, concise and uncluttered so I'd keep it that way. I enjoyed your review of the fiskars fuse and would welcome any more product reviews and recommendations you might like to share. Ultimately though please keep posting your fantastic cards. Hugs Sarah x
Ooooh, I love you just the way your are. Hugs x
I've only just discovered your blog and I love it. Its well laid out with beautiful cards. What more could you want? Keep up the good work x
All your cards are so cute with simple embellishments...Loved it.. Thanks for the chance...
Hiya Rebecca, love your blog and inspiration and visit every morning whilst having my cup of coffee. I will say two stars and a wish as the one thing I'd like to see changed is the font colour on the blog...... I don't know about others, but I struggle to see the words in the lighter colours. Some blogs I visit are written in the light grey text which, with the glare from the pc, is extremely difficult to read. Love your blog and the inspiration I get from it. Thanks for offering candy. Sue x
Hi Rebecca, what an original idea for a candy. I follow you for a few months now and I'm always looking forward to your posts :). I wouldn't change to much if I were you but I agree with Sue, the words are difficult to read in this light colour. And I'm always interested in new or other peoples inking technics so I would love it if you could share something like that on your blog.
Thanks for offering candy :)
well of course... Love your blog!! :)
Dr Sonia S V
Hello Rebecca..just landed on your blog and love the CAS stylish creations you share. I am never confident of CAS but love to be inspired.No suggestions for any improvement..crafting should come form the heart
Your new follower
Have posted about your giveaway on my blog sidebar to send you some traffic
Dr Sonia
Cards Crafts School Projects
I love your blog & have been following you for a while now. I would have to agree with an earlier comment about the wording colour as i do have a slight glare on my PC & find it a tad hard to read at times, apart from that keep up the good work x
Hello from a new follower I. The UK. I am new to blog following too. I love your CAS style and am really steering to this way myself. As a newbie I would love to see which blogs you follow and also where you shop, especially if in the UK. Already looking forward to your next post. TFS.
ellyscard creatief
I make a mistake I am agreed with Suman
Sidelle Menon
Love Love Love your blog.....I love the colour PINK....I think you need to make your blog a bit colourfull...then everything will become good..posted a pic on my blog
Can I give 2 stars and a wish please?

* 1 - I love the layout of your blog its stylish, simple and easy to read. You photographs are very professional and your blog is very easy to navigate.

* 2 - You always explain whats on your card, the manufacturers of the products and what techniques you used to produce it.

My wish - Could you please tell us how/why you purchased or were given the stamp you have used on your card? Also what inspired you when you didn't use challenge's or sketchs/layouts.

With love

I have only recently found your blog through your use of Clearly Besotted stamps. My 2 stars and a wish please -
** Your blog is so clean and fresh looking and I love your CAS style of card, which I do wish to be able to perfect myself, but seem a long way off (sigh).
My wish? Sometimes I look at an image, or papers and think - that's just what I am looking for - would it be possible for you to list products you have used?
Keep up the good work! Lynn x
I love your blog and the way you make amazing things look easy to make!
thank you for all the inspiration!!
I would love to read more tutorials and "how to make"
thank you!
Digi Darla
Love you card! great job for this one...


Please visit my site if you have time...

Holly Saveur
Hi just came here todau trough your card follow your dreams...LOVE that one..and loved more I the CAS you became a blog follower...
loved many more cards you for the question how to improve your blog...well I think it looks fab.
greetings from the Netherlands,
Hi only just found your blog by chance and think its great. I will keep on looking in the future. I don't think you really need to change anything its interesting and informative as it is.
Thank you so much for this... a new follower :)
Hello Rebecca, i m a new follower, loved ur cards....very suggestions as u r already too good in wat u do...thanks for the chance to win the candy....
Beautiful works and first time here and happy to follow you rebecca. thanks for the chance.

I´d love to be the winner of all these wonderful goodies!

Now I must take a tour on this (for me) new blog.
Welcome to visit my blog as well.

Sheila in Cyprus
Hi Rebecca

Can't say that I would change anything, the reason I follow your blog is because I love what you do, CAS cards and lots of inspiring idea's.

Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the chance to win your fab goodies.

Love Sheila x

P.S. No blog of my own, but working on it!!
thanks for the chance to win those fab goodies.
I found your blog through the lovely cards you make with Clearly Besotted's stamps. It is a very nice, clearly laid-out blog. However, if there was one thing I would change, I think it needs a bit more colour. I like white space but I find that the white central panel on the white background panel is a bit too minimalist.
Hello Rebecca,

Well I dont know about anyone else but I have no suggestions whatsoever! Sorry that may not feel helpful but there is a reason for the saying 'if it aint broke, dont fix it'!! In a purely selfish mode I could peruse your cards all day long so dont worry, that wont be possible!

Maybe on your sidebar you have details of where you buy your stash from?? That's all I can think of but let's face it, not having that doesnt impair my enjoyment and simple pleasure of seeing your gorgeous cards!

The only thing I would say is 'Keep up the good work'!! Please!!

Keryn x
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