Happy Birthday Fire Engine

Morning, so here  I am back with the fire engine from yesterday but used differently. For today's card I've add colour to the image using water colour pencils.

I think on balance I probably prefer the one from yesterday- what do you think?

See you tomorrow, 

Rebecca x x x


Suman Pandit
I love this too!!
Difficult to say, this one is very pretty too! It's so different that you can't really compare, so I decided I like them both ;)
I truly love both cards - the first one I would use for an adult card, and the second for a younger person - but that's just me! Lynn x
Sazzle Dazzle
I like both cards Rebecca but think I'll have to agree with you that the first one just has the edge slightly. Both great though. x
Both cards are great Rebecca, but I much prefer yesterday's. More grungy and masculine whereas todays could be gender neutral.

With love

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