Freckled Fawn Mini Haul Video

Hello! I'm back from a week away- we stayed in a cottage in the Forrest of Dean which was REALLY lovely. Very peaceful and relaxing but I'm back to reality now- school starts on Monday and I've got a whole lot of craftiness to catch up on. I've had lots of really positive and constructive feedback from my candy post and I've already tried to make some changes. As a few people have asked to know about products I use and where I get my supplies from I have a very short video for you about some products I had delivered while I was away.

 Freckled Fawn

They are from an American company called Freckled Fawn. I spotted someone using their enamel dots and decided I liked to buy some. You can get them here in the UK but they cost around £5 per pack so I decided to buy them direct from the US. I've not really ordered many products from the states before as I've always been concerned about postage and import costs but on this occasion it worked out to be really good value (I also managed to find a discount code online).

Anyway, I love the look of them and the customer service was great but haven't had a chance to use them yet so I can't comment on their quality etc. but here's the video so you can see them up close yourself.

Thanks for watching and hopefully I'll be back soon with a card to share with you.

Rebecca x x


Suman Pandit
Hi Rebecca, it really is thrilling to receive new crafting goodies ...and to share your happiness with people with similar ( crazy ) tastes!!
hi! where did you happen to find a discount code? I have been searching high and low!
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