Fiskars Fuse Review Video

Hello, after mentioning how fortunate I was to win one of the new Fiskars Fuse Creativity die cutting machines in a blog competition several people got in touch to say they'd like to hear more about it SO.... I have a made a video.  I think it is important that I point out that this isn't an advertisement  for the machine and it has no link or endorsement from Fiskars, it's simply me describing the main features, how I use it and in my opinion of the pros and cons. You can find out more about the machine here.

I hope you find the video useful, it took me most of yesterday to film and then edit and I'm still not sure it's very good so please be kind :-) 

Thanks for watching and feel free to leave my comments if you have any other questions.

Rebecca x


Suze Bain
Well done Rebecca, an informative and concise review! It does have some great features (love that it stamps/embosses/cuts in one) but it does seem very expensive, not to mention the cost of all the "add ons". Great that you showed the use of the Cuttlebug plates too. xx
Rockwell Designs
Wonderful review Rebecca. I was always curious about that machine and you covered everything I would want to know about it. Great video!
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