As promised details of my bank holiday as my WOYWW contribution. Hubby and I decided to switch offices as he was in the smaller, and in this weather hotter box room which is a bit cruel as he works from home so spends all day staring at four very close walls. He's now in the larger spare bedroom and I'm sqeezed back into my old craftroom- I quite like it actually!

Here are the pics!

The view through the door

Just to the right of the door, over the stairs is a built in cupboard

Here's my PC area on the end of my desk near the window

This is the other end of the desk which is for crafting, as it's next to the shelf everything is at hand.

My really useful box storage is under my desk- good job I only have little legs!

Finally, the wooden drawer unit- it was a bit of a sqeeze to get this one in but here it is.

Thanks for stopping by, 

Rebecca x x


Suman Pandit
so organised!1 I envy you!!
It looks wonderful, and at least it all fitted in... hope it doesn't mean you can't buy any more of the "essentials!!" Helen, 5
Julia Dunnit
It looks marvellous Rebecca, and the theory goes that with a smaller space, you'll stay more organised. I need a matchbox. Am a bit concerned though - can you get your kness under the desk there? Or are you a stander?!
might be a small room but you have sure packed lots of goodies in there

Thanks for sharing your crafty space and have a great week

Happy Crafting
Candace #64
Oh gosh - I wouldn't dare take photo's of my room - maybe I need to move to tidy mine !!!!
Wow, your organization and tidiness is wonderful! Enjoy the new space. :-)

Happy Woyww,

Sandy #36
ria gall
Hi Rebecca
It looks like you just slipped straight back on in to your old craft room everything is in, neat and tidy and ready for action. Enjoy as our spaces are so special to us
Thanks for sharing your desk today, Happy WOYWW hope you have a great week
Ria #42
I really like your craft space. Very organized. Thanks for stopping by. happy crafting #1
Ginny Maxam
looks like a very inviting, effecent workspace, Thanks for sharing!Have a great week! Ginny #120
The Taming of the Glue
What a great use of space...loving all the storage. Happy belated WOYWW. Pam#23
Kim's Creations
Very nice space, I would love to have a room instead of my kitchen; just have to wait for my 17 year old DS to grow up and leave, lol!
Lovely space nice and organized - love it!
Gabriele #112
*Dream Weaver*
Love your simple and cosy {and functional} craft room :)
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