WOYWW away from home

Hello, sorry this WOYWW post is quite late in the day but I've been over at my parents all day and rather than miss out on WOYWW or show you a blank desk I thought you could have a peek at WOYPKTW (whats on your parents kitchen table Wednesday). My car was in their local garage getting a few bits of work done so I thought I'd spend the day with them. As I knew I'd be away all day I took a little project with me- my ribbon box! I while ago I decided to put all my ribbons onto cards but I didn't group the colours or use uniform sized cards and this has been quietly bugging me. So here is the before..........

and the after (which I completed within the day (with assistance from my mum- thanks mum!)

Much better!

Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to pop over to Julia's website to see all the other desks out their in crafty land, 

Rebecca x


Wow! That is awesome! So very neat and organized. Mine are on rolls or in jars. I think you have a lot of patience..I fall very short in that area! Thanks for sharing the idea! winnie#70
Ali H
Super organised ! How could those ribbons not leap onto some cards or layouts now !! Glad I am not the only one who finds organising stash therapeutic ! Have a fun crafty week ! Ali #20
ria gall
wow that is wonderfully organised what a fantastic job you and your mum have done

Enjoy your WOYWW sunny day today
Ria #64
Wow!! I wish I was even half as organised as you!! It all looks so pretty too......great job :)
Fiona L x
So pretty and organised!! I must admit, being a touch Hmm, how shall I put this, OCD? That's not quite right because that is an illness, but I would have to do the same! Happy WOYWW from Sand #143
Brilliant organisation,
Karen #192
what a lovely productive day you and your mom have had! I can just imagine you both sitting round the table chatting and wrapping ribbon ............. very productive day.
Bishopsmate #75
Oh so much better, love it, so neat and tidy and you get to see what you've got, excellent. BJ#60
You sure got some good organization of your ribbons! Great work!
Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #117
you really were busy!!

I really hope you can make it to Leigh... would be great to meet you

Jen xxx
Dotty Jo
Holy organisation batman what a wonder! Please come immediately to my house and organise me!!!! Jo x
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