New stamp

Hello, I don't have a card to share with you this morning but I do have a new stamp. I order this stamp from Nicky at Stamping all day. She makes customised stamps and lots and lots of individual message stamps. After I got my new logo designed I emailed to ask if she could make it into a stamp for the back of my cards and here it is. I'm really please with how crisp the image is and even though it only measures 4cm across the whole web address which is written in teeny, tiny letters stamps a really crisp and clear image.


Great stamps from a great site- maybe give it a go if you'd like your own personalised stamp!

I hope you all have a lovely day, thanks for atopping by, 

Rebecca x


Dotty Jo
Great stamp Rebecca - looks fab in b&w but then I'm always admiring your super stylish Blog too, Jo x
Looks great Rebecca, may get one myself instead of using labels. Nice site too thanks for the link :) Viv xx
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