Eeeek..... new look blog!

Hiya, look what my lovely, talented hubby has done for me on his day off!! He has given me a blog overhaul and I adore how fresh and clean it looks.

He created my original logo a while back but when I decided I wanted a more CAS look to my blog the old logo didn't really fit. So he came up with this for me this afternoon- poor chap had me sat next to him the entire time! He's also given me a matching watermark to put on my card images so everything will match (I'm even tempted to see if I can get other "branded" things like a rubber stamp for the back of my cards)

Mellymoo papercrafting 
My husband, Martin is a graphic designer and works freelance here is his website just in case any of you were think your blog needs a bit of a spring clean too. He also offers really reasonable services such as logo design through eBay which you can find here (sorry for the shameless plug but surely that's what wives are for!)

Anyway,  thanks for taking a look at my new-look blog and hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with a card to share with you.

Rebecca x


Neets B
This is fab Rebecca, I love it. What a talented hubby you have. I just muddled through for hours producing mine! Happy Easter hun x
Rebecca Hoy
Thank you- I'll pass your comments on, he's dying to know what my followers think!

Suze Bain
Very fresh and girly, I love the butterflies. Have a lovely easter weekend - hope you get some choccie eggs! xx
Love the look of your blog. It is clean and simple and yet pretty. Very cool!! :)
Queenie Jeannie
It's beautiful!!! Very fresh and clean!
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