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Morning! gosh I know its the hols when I get time for a bit of WOYWW.... welcome to my space! As you can see it is quite tidy and contains my newly created light-box for taking card photos. I get so fed up with making something that I am proud of only to find the photo I take looks a bit pants! I've tried lots of different backgrounds but I've never been really happy. Then, hubby (the graphic designer) suggested a light box which he'd seen on eBay. I took a look but they were quite expensive for what they are so I thought I could make something myself..... so I did! I used 4 sheet of A3 white card which I purchased from an art shop in Manchester and the results are quite pleasing!

In case any one else would like to make a similar set up I simply placed an A3 sheet in a landscape orientation in the middle and attached to sheets in portrait either side using tape on the back. I scored and folder the "over-hanging" bits of card on the sides and folded then inwards to create a bottom. I attached the 4th an final sheet to the bottom edge of the central section.

I've positioned the "photo station" by a shelf so I can balance my day-light lamp in the suitable position to avoid as many shadows as possible.

Overall, I'm quite pleased with the pictures I've taken so far........ but role on summer and lighter nights, it'll make taking photo a bit easier all round.

Thanks for calling in today, 

Rebecca x


Thanks for the instructions to make your light box. I'm going to have a go at making one as I'm struggling so much with photos.
Kath x
Great idea for a make own light box. I found a tutorial for making one with plumbers piping and sheeting - my trouble has been getting daylight bulbs for my spot lights! You have reminded me I have a standard Lamp that might work just as well! Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 82
great idea to make your own light box. Going to have to look into making one of my own when I have room to store it! Thanks for sharing and have a great week! Vickie #28
David Watts
What a great idea. I am also struggling with my photography. Thanks for the instructions I will have a go but it could be me rather than the camera or light!!! Thanks again. karen
Heathers Inspiration
A Beautiful Idea for your light box.
Happy WOYWW Heather # 72
ria gall
what a fantastic idea, the light box and thank you for sharing the making of it with us all. I only use my phone to take pictures but I may have to give this a try
Wishing you a really great WOYWW
Ria #73
A good idea keep saying I will try and make one. Thanks for your instructions. Anne x #99
Great idea...I bought the white foam core board to make one but out of sight is out of mind...Will have to drag them out and "get'er built".

I'll be looking closely at your photos now! teehee
Great idea and I bet it works great. I need one so the direction you ave are going to come in real handy. Thanks for sharing.
Krisha #21
Thanks for sharing the idea and the project for the lightbox! It´s brilliant - and, what is important, very cheap!

Lórien #161
I did the same thing with white foam core board and pins. It does work much better than what I was doing before. April #130
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