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I've had a few questions lately about glue/adhesive, so I thought I'd do a post on the subject!

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Wet adhesive:

These are quite traditional styles of glue, the main drawbacks are that they can get messy and if you use too much they'll make paper wrinkle. However, because they don't dry immediately you have a bit of "wiggle room" and you'll often be able to re-position something that you've placed incorrectly (If you're quick). 

Fine tip adhesive, great for precision application of small/narrow items, really strong when dried BUT can get your fingers a bit messy and if you don't look after the tip by replacing the lid etc. it can get bunged up!

Tombow multi-purpose glue- as the name suggests this is a great all-rounder. Creates a strong, clear bond when dried for paper, card or embellishments. Come with a fine tip and wider spreader at the other end, but again it can get messy if you use too much. 

Dry adhesive:

These will provide immediate adhesion with no drying time, but that also means you often can't re-position something once it is stuck down. They are really quick, less messy etc.

Snail adhesive: this is a runner style, you hold the devise and "run" it along the area you want to glue and it can be re-filled. 
Tear and tape- this is essentially double-sided tape but its great as you can simply tear off the amount you want, rather than getting your scissors all sticky trying to cut it. 

Adhesive sheets- these are ideally used when die cutting, its a larger sheet of double sided adhesive and can turn die cuts or small piece of paper/card into stickers. 

Glue dots- as the name suggests these are tiny little dots of adhesive that come on a roll, you simply peel them off and then they are a double-sided adhesive. These are best for small emblssihmenst like buttons or bows  (they are also a tiny bit 3D)
3D adhesive:

These adhesives will give your project a bit of dimension as they add a layer of foam which is sandwiched between adhesive, essentially double sided adhesive foam.

Dimensionals- little adhesive foam hexagonal shapes that come in two sizes mini and original , these are great for popping behind later of card or individual embellishments.

Foam adhesive strips- just like dimensionals except in longer strips, ideal for larger pieces of card/paper or making shaker cards!

SO, the big questions what do I use? I always have a glue runner like the small to hand, this is how I stick layers of paper and card. I also love adhesive foam in order to add Simenon to my layers. When I;m doing something that requires a really strong adhesive a will use a wet glue, for example making boxes etc. this is when I'll go to Tombow and for filly little embellishments it's got to be the fine tipped glue. 

What would I recommend to beginners?Well I'd say have one type of glue from each category to get you started, then you can pick your favourites overtime!

If you'd like to try some dimensionals please drop me an email and I'd be happy to send you a pack to try for only £3.75 paid vis Paypal (so that's free postage).

I hope that helps, if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Rebecca x


  1. I always struggle with gunk on my scissors! I'm always on the look out for something to adhere vellum, but haven't found a suitable product as yet, Jo x

  2. looks great!
    Would like to try it but now I cant aford it :(


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