Very late WOYWW

Sorry, very late with my WOYWW post, I've been busy decorating the hallway today and to be honest completely forgot it was even Wednesday.

Anyway, as you can see my craftroom is a bit of a mess, my husbands said it look like a craft bomb exploded. I think this means this afternoon will be dedicated to tidying, well maybe a bit of crafting first if I can sweep enough stuff away to make a flat (ish) surface to work on.

You can also see some of my felt cupcakes (made with newly acquired felt!) that I wrote about yesterday and a decorated tube which is to cheer my mum up- it's filled with L'occiatne goodies. To the far right of the photo is my photbooth and as you can see the pink desk tidy in the top right is over following with cards waiting for envelopes and plastic bags. You can also spot a grumpy looking border collie- she considers the bed in the spare room to be hers and hates it when my craft things spread- sorry Meg!

Thanks for visiting, (please take a look at my blog candy if you have a min)

Rebecca x


Karen McAlpine
The cupcakes look really cute. Lovely gift for your Mother!!
Hey Rebecca,
Love to see other people have really messy desks, it's the way mine looks most of the time too!!!! I see you neeed coke to give you a little pep up too!!
Well I have to say that Meg does look a little put out, what a wonderful sorrowful face she is pulling. Did you give in and move your bits and bobs so she could spread out?
Have a good week
JulieX (paperpathway)
I was even later than you this week.:) Looks like the decorating bug has hit WOYWW, almost everybody is doing some sort of decorating.
Love your space, those cupcakes are fantastic.
Happy very belated WOYWW!
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