WOYWW #164

Morning and welcome. With it being the hols if asked last week I would have undoubtedly said this week I'd post my WOYWW photo first thing and be well under #50. BUT, that was before I got lost in the haze that is the summer holidays and failed to have a grasp of time anymore. When I checked blog land first thing this morning I realised it actually was Wednesday and I'd missed the early morning WOYWW boat! Ah well, after dog walk and breakfast here is my photo. On the plus side it is an up to the minute snap-shop of my desk rather than one taken preemptively on Tuesday evening.

You can see my baby card work-in-progress which I will post later and a small amount of mess from yesterday's projects. Actually, taking a look from this third-person style view it actually looks pretty tidy! You can also see my early morning can of coke- caffeine free (better for the blood sugar) and a PC that has just been turned on.

Anyway, I'll be back with another post shortly, 

Rebecca x


Happy WOYWW. A very tidy and productive desk. The baby card looks sweet. Ali x #12
Lovely desk... such a cutie of a baby card... love it!! Have a happy week, Hugs May x x#11
Julia Dunnit
You were early compared to me! Sorry, I had a computer glitch that just about finished me off last night and this morning! Yeah, your desk does look tidy; let me know the photogrpahic trick you used..I have a whole house I could do!!
what a cute little card, happy crafting jill #32
Trish Latimer
Those ribbons look gorgeous!! Lovely pinks... Trish #55
Lunch Lady Jan
That baby card is very pretty and girly, love the bling on it and all you ribbons too!
Hugs, LLJ #28 xx
Darnell J Knauss
Sweet baby card, Rebecca! Have a great week! Darnell #116
Earlier than me!!! Love the tidy bright clean desk! And the baby card is just too cute!!!
Happy Crafting
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