Good morning- welcome to my work desk.........I managed to get round to joining in with WOYWW gain- woohoo.  

As you can see from the first photo Meg decided that she wanted to feature on my work desk this week. In actual fact she saw her opportunity to steal my chair as an ideal cat watching spot. She spends hours staring out of the window just waiting for a neighbourhood moggy, or better still a squirrel, to wander through our garden. Some days she stares so long without moving she gets long threads of drool coming from the corners of her mouth- yucky! (must take photo a share with everyone!)

From the second photo you can see a little bit more of what I've been up to. This photo has actually been taken after my desk was cleared away yesterday, it doesn't take long to get back to being knee deep in crafty bits and bobs. You can see a selection of ink pads and stamps and a few cards I made for this weeks colourQ challenge. I kept it very simple this week- I think CAS is really growing on me and I gues Mandi and Chrissie from LIM are mostly to thank (blame ;-))

I am actually looking to get a new, bigger desk which might help with the piles of mess or, more than likely, help me to spread out the piles. So maybe next week, if i get organised and get to Ikea on the weekend, you may see a bit of a crafty makeover.

Until next time, thanks for popping round, 

Rebecca x


  1. Such a cute dog, but you can keep a photo of her drooling to yourself :)

    I like your cupcakes on the desk. Is it some sort of plastic you can easily clean? There is popping an idea into my head. Thanks for sharing and have a fun week.

  2. What is it with dogs and chasing squirrels? My Sorrel is murder for it and no hope in hell of ever catching one. Good luck with the bigger desk but I doubt you will be able to keep it any tidier, that's what space is for- filling.

    Ann B

  3. A bigger desk...um more space to add goodies!!!! Have a great week trace x 58

  4. Aww such a cute dog. Lovely creative mess. Thanks for the peek.

    Happy WOYWW

    Zoe #54

  5. Ha ha ha! My cat does the same thing. As soon as I leave my chair, he jumps right into it & takes it over. We have little battles some days. I'll move him & he'll jump right back. Hee hee . . .

    I would be oh, so happy if you joined us at Tuesday Alchemy http://tuesdayalchemy.blogspot.com

    Lots of joy!

  6. What a lovely dog! I love your cards too, clean and simple eludes me - I can do the simple but not the clean :)
    Happy wednesday!
    Sarah x (88)

  7. happy woyww, love the pic with meg. love seing a busy work space, mark

  8. Great post about Meg, but we'll pass on the drool and use our imagination instead, LOL! I love the looks of the CAS card you've got going on there. I'll have to get over to ColourQ and check it out. Have a great week! Darnell #55

  9. Love those ears at attention on your Melly Moo! LOL! It is amazing what a dog will do to keep the peace! Good luck at IKEA...I can spend HOURS in there... so my DH prefer that I am supervised (to protect the pocket book). Thanks for the peek. Have a great WOYWW! -Amanda x61

  10. I'm glad you are honest about the new desk and don't really have delusions of cleanliness. A bigger desk just means more room for the piles. If you are anything like me you'll still end up with a mere 5" square space to work in. Melly Moo is quite the sweetheart and camera hog. She is posing for the photo for sure (okay and keeping a vigilant eye outside).

  11. happy WOYWW! you sure have a cute assistant! hopefully the drool doesn't get into your projects! i know what you mean when you say it doesn't take long! thank you for sharing,
    hugs, #23 peggy aplSEEDS


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