Don't you just love it when.... are genuinely impressed with customer service. All to often we have something to complain about but today I'm doing the exact opposite. Firstly, I went to my hair dressers and got a very good cut and then found out that they were offering 25% off all services- bargain (I would have been more than happy at full price). Then I came home to find the postie had been with two parcels- one from The Ribbon Girl and another from Stamping All Day. Well, to say I was pleased would be an understatement- both companies showed a real concern for customer service and satisfaction.

As for The Ribbon Girl website, I've know about it for quite some time mostly through challenge blogs etc but this was my first purchase. I realised after organising my ribbons (see this post for details) I had a distinct lack of lilac ribbons so, as I knew The Ribbon Girl website did mini colour kits I popped over to order one on Monday. With so much choice it was difficult deciding what to get but In the end I got a lavender mini kit and 6 other assorted lengths AND because I ordered some pom-pom trim I got a free roll of double sided tape!! When the package arrived it was all wrapped in pink tissue paper and sealed with a Ribbon Girl sticker which makes you feel like you're getting a pressie. Then all of the individual items were very neatly wrapped in small packages, it is quite clear that they take pride in what they do.I will definitely be ordering from The Ribbon Girl again soon- as you'll see from my posts I do get through quite a lot!

Finally, I found Nicky's website via another bloggers website (Michelle at the Card Grotto) and promptly order a personalised stamp for the back of my cards. I ordered the stamp on Tuesday, was sent a proof the same evening and it was in the First Class post the very next day. I love the stamp and a got a free mini "hugs" stamp too.

 So all round a good day on the shopping front (and follows on from my bargains yesterday) BUT no cards as I've been so busy with other things however the night is still young!

Thanks for popping by, 

Rebecca x


ribbon girl are truly fantastic every time.. i never use anyone else for ribbon now.... i've also just ordered my personal stamp!!

jen xxx
I love Ribbon Girl as well, I can't say about the others as I've never shopped from them, but I was only saying to my sister today how great Ribbon Girl is, they really are fab to order from - it's the little things that really make a big difference in the shopping experience you have isn't it? I must make an order with them myself soon actually :D
Queenie Jeannie
It seems that GOOD customer service is getting harder and harder to find!!! Thank you for sharing these good companies!!! Good Mail is the best, even when you have ordered things yourself, lol! ENJOY and happy crafting!

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