Afternoon all- after the warm welcome last week at WOYWW I've decided to share some photos of my crating space- please note it is very rarely this tidy!

This is the corner of the spare room where I sit for many an hour- I also share the room with the dog!

This desk also doubles up as my computer desk.

 This is my newly organised ink pad collection and just above you can see my ink colour reference swatch which I made myself so it helps me to find the correct shades of ink quickly. The large cupcake storage pot is actually my desk bin- I find it helps me keep tidy and prevents little bits of paper ending up on the floor.
This is the fantastic Really Useful storage box unit that I purchased from Storage for Crafts a few years ago and it is a really neat way of keeping my supplies organised- the labels are a new addition.
Finally, I had these Ikea jars in the kitchen with herbs and spices in but decided they'd look better on my windowsill with beads, buttons and bits and bobs in.
Thanks for stopping by, 

Rebecca x


Fabulous cosy space... love it, its so tidy and neat... Have a great week, Hugs May x x No15
Fabulous work space - thanks for sharing.

Cynthia Eloise
the jars on the window sill are not only useful but very pretty. good idea.
Such a lovely space. Take care, it's Sunday, but I'm still working my way through the list! Zo xx 75
Queen Of Toys
Oh you are a label junkie like me, all my containers/drawers etc are labeled. I do love that huge cupcake on your desk, I think I want one.... LOL

Thanks for sharing.
Eliza #80
Wow! I am so jealous of your crafting space Rebecca! It's gorgeous. I love those jars with the buttons in too, very bright and colourful.
Laura xx
PS: I LOVE that giant cupcake idea for the mini bin! It's so pretty too xx
A Casa di Ale
Gorgeous! I love your workspace. I don't have a dedicated workspace, and have to pull all my boxed supplies to the dining table every time I want to craft. It does force me to be neat, though because I have to put everything away again when I'm done for the day! I dream of having a corner like yours all to myself someday :)
Vic Lau
What a lovely card space :)
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