Stamp organisation

I am sooooooo proud of myself today. I have finally completed a long desired project. I have catalogued ALL of my rubber and acrylic stamps. I spent all yesterday stamping the images onto A5 and A4 printer paper (the fastest method I found for sheets of acrylic stamps was to leave them on their backing, ink them and place the copier paper onto..... not a bad image and much faster than peeling each one off and putting it onto a block etc. 

Once I had all my images stamped, and wrote on the make/brand etc I bound them all using my underused zutter bind-all. I added so odds and sods of stickers to the front and ta-da!!! So impressed with myself. PLUS i also remembered to leave some blank pages to accommodate future purchases. 
So that now means when I want to make a card or project I can simply flick through my personal stamp catalogue and chose what to use- amazing!


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