Rev up your birthday

Sorry, I MUST apologise again, I am really not with it lately and keep forgetting I have posts scheduled from ages ago that only have photos on them and still need the text adding. 

I don't want to use my happy, crafty blog as a place to air all my troubles but needless to say I have too much non-craft related things on my mind at the moment. I'm hoping the Easter hols will give me a bit of time to get my head straight and think about getting at least some craftiness done and organised. I also have something VERY exciting happening on my blog later this week- I DO hope you're still there and reading and haven't abandoned my lil' old corner of blog land...... of course I wouldn't blame anyone if they had :-(

Anyway, today's card is just a little birthday card for a guy. It's not for my dad, just something I made to put in my stash as I've been asked for similar cards in the past.

And now, for the rest of the day, I plan to pull myself together, tidy my desk and get on with some much need craft-therapy!

I hope you have a lovey day, 

Rebecca x

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