WOYWW (or rather what's NOT on my desk)

Morning, oday I thought I'd join in with WOYWW as last night when I sat down to schedule my post for today I was alarmed at how messy my desk was and how many half finished (half started) projects there were on it.

In Summary this bombsight, perviously known as my desk contains (starting furtherest away by the curtains).......

  • a camping themed birthday card I've made for my husband's friend which I'm not entirely happy with and needs looking at in daylight
  • a pile of finished but yet to be photographed cards
  • half-finished valentines crackers for thank you gifts for the people in my department
  • a section of new and used craft items that need to be put away
  • a roll of parcel tape which was needed for wrapping eBayed craft items
  • a box of ribbon off-cuts that "fell" out of the drawer it was stored in
  • AND a purple fabric dog toy that Meg has split open and is in need of mending
What the photo doesn't show to the right is my die-cutting station with piles of card off-cuts and dies that are out of the storage wallets. Nor does the photo show the drawer (bottom left) that has come off it's runners and I've not put back yet.

Thankfully it's half-term next week and I should have time to get myself sorted- but before then I need to finish the camping-themed birthday card and valentine crackers!!! EEEKKKKKK, I'll just scoop stuff of my desk later tonight to make space for the "essential" crafting that MUST be done.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you're a little more organised than me today!!!

Rebecca x

p.s. wonderful husband vacuumed my floor while I was at work yesterday, he also emptied both my rubbish and recycle bins, isn't he wonderful??!!


  1. what a desk!
    very nice
    your husband is wonderful

  2. You have a good hubby! I love your creative space--you are very productive. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #48

  3. WOW, may I have your desk?? .... I love it!! ( Feeling happy for you with your dearest husband) - I love the rabbit or hare? on the wall (in the book on top) - Great Desk for sure. Thank you ever so much for sharing.

    Kind regards
    Mariane #70


  4. What a great hubby you have!
    For a moment i thought that you were making Christmas crackers! I've never heard of Valentine crackers. I don't even know how one celebrates San Valentine. I thought lovers gave each other something like a card or flowers, and he might take her out somewhere, but crackers are a new one for me. Cute idea though.
    Have a good week,

  5. Lots of stuff going on means lots of stuff getting done (eventually) ! Funny how taking a picture makes one notice things in a different way, especially the mess and unfinished stuff that an outsider looking at the pic woulldn't think twice of!
    Happy woyww!
    Kristiina #21

  6. What a guy. Love your creative space, lots happening there. Happy WOYWW
    Pat #71

  7. Well, I love the crackers, what a nice idea! I love the half starteds...and you know things like the crackers have a deadline so I've no doubt you'll get them done. And impressed that you have a pile of cards waiting to be photographed! See, not all half starts!