Morning, no card to share today as, you can see in the photo, my craft room is in a state of "flux". I know, I know, I know, I've kept saying I've been tidying and sorting but after a trip to Ikea yesterday and a purchase of some new drawers I've had to have another rethink on how and where I store things in my small crafty room. This is why I decided to link up with WOYWW this week, I thought my desk was more interesting to look at than having no card/project to share with you all.

Hopefully so can see from this slightly wonky view that the shelves over on the left are already pretty tidy but the desk and the chest of drawers just behind the camera are still in need of sorting. You can also see the bright pink tablet case I bought from ikea to cover a Dell tablet I have for work- however it doesn't fit as the case is only designed for an 11" tablet and mine is an inch or so bigger- I'm soooo annoyed as I don't really go to ikea very often so I don't know when I'll be able to return it...... grrrrr, I hate wasting money!!!

Anyway,  thanks for stopping by today- I promise I WILL share the tidy craft room pictures when it is actually tidy and when I've stopped faffing around!! 

Have a nice day, 

Rebecca x x x

p.s. The lovely Jocelyn from " The Quite Book Blog" has featured the quiet book I made for my Nephew Ethan on her blog, you can see the post here if you'd like! 


  1. Oh Rebecca we don't need 'tidy' pictures LOL just makes us envious! I love the photo of your desk, especially those co-ordinating folders. I am afraid nothing of mine everything matches I am such a womble! Thanks for sharing, Cindy #36

  2. It doesn't look that bad! The shelves look very organised.
    Happy Wednesday

  3. Looks fabby too Rebecca, I'm with Cindy on those folders ... they look ace!
    My room is in a similar disarray as I've only just got it set up and keep changing my mind where/how I want to store things. xx

  4. I'd love a trip to Ikea. I'm convinced that every problem in my life could be sorted if only someone would take me to Ikea!

    ~Kate~ #39