Hello, again!

Hi, thanks for stopping by today! I thought I'd share a few confessions this week- don't worry there's nothing too personal, they are all crafty confessions!! 

To start with I'm going to share with you this card.....

If you are a regular visitor then it may look familiar- this is because it started out life as this card. Unfortunately, just after I photographed it I wiped it across an open ink pad and ruined it, so, as I quite liked it, I trimmed it down and mounted onto a different card base, added a few embellishments and ta da!!!  (I also added a little more colour to the image too).

So, confession #1 I (often) ruin a finished card as the last minute!

See you tomorrow for my crafty confession #1

Rebecca x


  1. It's gorgeous before and after - plus totally something I would do! Haha!

    Beth xx

  2. So yummy Rebecca. Love the card base colour... It rocks.
    So glad you managed to save the card. It's great.
    Sarah x

  3. Well rescued! And how satisfying that it looks brilliant, Jo x

  4. How great! I love that you told us this and I just love the panel on the pink/red cardstock, it makes the green really pop! xx

  5. Thanks for your message on CASology and here I am as promised. The same thing happened with one of my cards so I need to make it into something else, and I'll share it when I do. Your first card was gorgeous but I actually think I prefer this one! The flower stands out so much more on the coloured card base. I think we all need to start a crafty confessions corner as we all must be guilty of this haha xx