Crafty Confessions #4

Happy Friday and it's the 4th day of my crafty confessions about cards I've made that really haven't turned out too well. Today it's a commission card.....

I made this card as a commission for a colleague at work, she really liked it but I can't say I love it myself. For a start it's a big card, 8x8" and secondly it looks a bit "old skool" and ni case you don't know what I mean it just looks a little bit old fashioned and dated. I don't really know why, in my head I though it would look modern, fresh and CAS but I was wrong. Crafty Confession #4 sometimes the card in my head don't translate to the card on my desk!

Ah well, see you tomorrow for the last card in my Crafty Confessions mini series.

Rebecca x

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