Crafty Confession #3

Morning, I'm back with my 3rd card in my Crafty Confessions series!

At first glance I don't really dislike the main features of the card but the problem is that the colours just don't work- the gold and black looks nice together but it's the white card base that is the problem. Unfortunately, I tried it on lots of different coloured bases and none really worked. 

Ah well, see you tomorrow for Crafty Confession #4,

Rebecca x


  1. Have you tried a gold card base? Or a really sophisticated black-on-black look? You could use a textured black base card to make the topper stand out - maybe one embossed with a heart design

  2. Mmmmm, tricky one this! I actually like it on the white but have to agree with Jane that a black on black might work and look super stylish. I bet this design would work all on white too: whit panel and white base card. Its a fab design hun, Jo x

  3. I'm loving this little series, it's good to know I'm not alone in creating cards with 'issues'! I agree that black on black may work, or maybe a deep red, just throwing ideas out there. Black, red and gold can work sometimes, who knows? xx