Crafty Confession #2

Hi, welcome back- if you missed yesterday's card you'll also have missed my first crafty confession. This week I'm sharing a few little embarrassing crafty disasters that (I hope) we all make sometimes. Yesterday it was how I ruined a really nice finished card, and today it's a card that I spent hours on and then decided I really hated!!! 

I took nearly 2 hours to watercolour this little scene and when it was finished, I really hated it! It looks muddy, messy and over-worked, ah well you can't win them all can you?

I was ready to throw it in the bin but decided to photograph it and share it with you all- sometimes it's nice to know that other people have artistic disasters!!

Have you had any crafty diasters lately? Fell free to share your own crafty confession.

Tune in tomorrow for day three of my public confessions!!!

Rebecca x x


  1. I think a child would love this card and not think it looked at all muddy - but they'd probably not realise how much effort had gone into it. My most recent disaster was last week when I made a three panel card, working on each panel independently and not thinking how they would interact with each other when the card was completed

  2. I agree with Jane, I think this would still be fine to give to a child. Although they won't appreciate your hard work at least it wouldn't be wasted. I actually quite like the sketchy watercolour effect! You never know what other people think, a card I almost didn't share got loads of comments and earned me a shout-out! xx