Paper Cut- book review and a offer for you!

Hello, something a little different from me today. I couple of weeks ago I was asked if I'd like to a review a new book that was to be released in June/July- as soon as I saw the theme I said "Yes please"!

The book, by Owen Gildersleeve and is called "Paper Cut- An exploration into the contemporary world of paper craft art and illustration" 

The publisher ,Rockport, describes the book as "a unique perspective into one of the most exciting fields of contemporary illustration. With contributions from 30 of the top paper craft illustrators, showcasing their amazing works and delving into their craft, this book will awe and inspire you".

But, more importantly perhaps, is what I thought of the book....... well as soon as I opened the front cover a spent a good 10-15 mins flicking through looking at all the pictures. There are some truly astonishing paper creations- many of which were created for advertising campaigns for well known brands. The projects cover 3D models, quilling, buildings, flowers to name but a few. My favourite photographs include a beautiful, pastel coloured, 3D Polaroid camera, a scene featuring flowers and insects and the exploding, multicoloured iPad but having said that the quilled picture of Albert Einstein is quite impressive too.

The photographs are really inspiring for anyone who has a love of paper but after you've seen what the artists can create it is also fascinating to read about their background and inspiration. For example Kyle Bean, who has created models of several large companies as part of advertising campaigns. With my scientific background I was drawn to several of his creations such as a anatomical heart model he created for Men's Health magazine and a window display of Selfridges based on the law of conservation of mass! 

Kyle has also created some fab paper suits which were used to showcase Louis Vitton accessories which is absolutely in-tune with some paper craft dies recently released by MFT and xCut (I wonder if that was what these companies were inspired by???)

Finally, I loved something he said as the end of his interview which was "Be happy with the work you are doing, and I think the only way you can do that is by following your gut instincts. Don't be afraid to change things if you are not quite happy. When you are true to yourself and your interests, then good things will happen!" this is something I need to tell myself more often- both in my day-to-day life and in my craft!

So, if you'd like a copy of the book the publishers have given be an offer to share with you,  you can order Paper Cut at the discounted price of £16 including P&P (UK only, add £2.50 if ordering from overseas) by phoning 01903 828503 or by emailing and and quoting the offer code APG168.   

Also, in case you are in the area there is an exhibition of Paper Cut at The Proud Archivist gallery in Haggerston, East London. Exhibition 4th -25th Sepember 2014.

Thanks for stopping by today, I'll be back soon with a paper creation of my own!!

Rebecca x

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  1. What a fabulous looking book. I'm in awe of anyone who makes these amazing pictures/models - such a talent to be able to (a) come up with the idea in the first place and (b) actually make it happen!