Better late than never!

I received a very lovely email from Jocelyn Thomas who runs The quiet book blog which is where I got a lot of the inspiration for my nephew Ethan's quite book. This promoted me to remember that I still haven't posted photos of all the pages so I thought I'd be do that- so here they are, in order from the front over to the back, with pages themed on numbers 1-10 (plus a random lion at the start- don't ask!!!). sorry this post is a little picture heavy- please drop me an email if you'd like to know any more details about the book or how I made it!

Here's the front page.

The first page which is a lion, made or ribbons.

Pages 2 and 3, featuring numbers 1 and 2.....

The bows on the kite can be tied and untied and the fish can be "caught" with the magnetic fishing rod.

Here are the next pages, 3 flowers attached by velcro and 4 animal finger puppets hiding in the barn.

Next its a matchin game with 5 different shapes and a ladybird with 6 spots, and a zip!

Then we have t-shirts on a washing line in the 7 colours of the rainbow and 8 stars for a rocket to fly past.

Next number 9, the road map has quite a lot of detail so it took a double page. There are 9 foam vehicles under the bridge!

And the final number is 10, 10 apples on the tree- each attached with a different size press-stud which makes removing them and putting them back quite a challenge! 

And the back page, with a little label.

Thanks for stopping by, I'll be back tomorrow with another card!

Rebecca x x x


  1. This is fabulous, Rebecca! As a librarian I love the idea of creating a book like this with our Foundation parents. It won't look as stunning as your book but suddenly I feel an Inspire Workshop coming on!!! Jo x

  2. Simply fabulous Rebecca. A superb pressie for a young child. X